Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Books - Document of Macross

Titulo/Title: Document of Macross
Category: Books 
Published: 2012
Mechanical Artists:
Shoji Kawamori, Kazutaka Miyatake 
Character Illustrator: Haruhiko Mikimoto 
Publisher: Kadokawa 
Pages: 16 for each pamphlet 
Language/Idioma: Japanese 
Format: JPG 
Tamaño/Size: 170 - 250 MB

Estos pamplets mostrar y contar los comienzos y el desarrollo de Macross y sus creadores. Con una gran cantidad de diseños de mechas y carácter, se puede ver cómo el programa de televisión fue adaptado en la gran película de animación de Do You Remember Love?

Una de estas seis (6) panfletos fueron incluidos en la publicación mensual japonesa revista 2012 NewType Ace.

These pamplets show and tell the beginnings and development of Macross and its creators.  With a wealth of mecha and character designs, you can see how the TV show was adapted into the major animated movie of Do You Remember Love?

One of these six (6) pamphlets were included in the 2012 monthly Japanese NewType Ace magazine. 



Document of Macross 01
01 / 02 / 03
Document of Macross 02
01 / 02
Document of Macross 03
01 / 02
Document of Macross 04
Document of Macross 05
Document of Macross 06
01 / 02


Bad Wolf said...

Very cool. first time i've seen some of these sketches anywhere.

boinger said...

If no one downloads these files within a few months, then sendspace automatically deletes the web-links. You can always upload these files to other cloud servers and post the additional web-links in the comments section here.