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Streaming Video Game Walkthroughs - PC Engine - Macross 2037: Eternal Love Song

Mission 01
Real Fight
Mission 02
Minmay Attack
Mission 03
Mission 04
Mission 05
Time Limit
Mission 06
Mission 07
Mission 08
Mission 09
Mission 10
Strike Mission

Mission 11
Mission 12
Burning Point
Mission 13
Defense line
A / B
Mission 14
 Mission 15
Picket Line
Mission 16
Strike Through
A / B
Mission 17
Kill Zone
A / B
Mission 18
Strikes Back
A / B 
Mission 19
A / B / C 
Mission 20
Moon Base

Mission 21
Mars Area
A / B 
Mission 22
A / B 
Mission 23
Burado Fleet
A / B / C 
Mission 24
Daedalus Attack
A / B / C 
Mission 25
Assault Team
A / B
Mission 26
Satan Doll
Mission 27
Cross of Fire
A / B 
Mission 28
Last Attack
A / B / C 
Finial Mission
Budol Burado
A / B
Game Capture by:
akio kasa
Titulo/Tittle: Macross 2037: Eternal Love Song
Category: Streaming Video Game Walkthroughs 
Plataform: PC Engine Turbo Duo
Genre: Strategy / War Simulation
Release date: 1992
Idioma/Lenguage: Japanese
Developer: Masiya
Macross 2036: Eternal Love Song Summary

Macross 2037: Eternal Love Song Reviews
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La Tierra flota Spacy, junto con Komilia Jenius y sus compatriotas, se defiende de nuevo la raza humana de otra flota de Zentraedi. Kamjin Kravshera, el comandante Zentraedi pícaro, ha sobrevivido desde el último conflicto y alinea a sí mismo con otra flota Zentraedi rogue para aplastar a los "micronianos" (los seres humanos). Una flota Meltrandi inesperada e independiente parece tener su propia agenda en este conflicto. ¿Una canción de amor salvar a nadie esta vez?


The Earth UN Spacy fleet, along with Komilia Jenius and her compatriots, are again defending the human race from another fleet of Zentradi.  Kamjin Kravshera, the rogue Zentradi commander, has survived from the last conflict and aligns himself with another rogue Zentradi Fleet to crush the "Micronians" (humans).  An unexpected and independent Meltrandi fleet appears to have their own agenda in this conflict.   Will a love song save anyone this time?

Macross 2037 Eternal Love Song (1992)
Alternate 01
Alternate 02

PC Engine Emulator:
Magic Engine

Cheat Codes:
(from Macross World) 
Macross 2037 

Level select:
Hold Select and choose the file to be loaded at the "Back Up RAM Load" screen. 

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Bad Wolf said...

A really cool game ive played several times. Tons of really fun missions, upgrade able mecha, and the feel/look of the original Macross.