Saturday, April 27, 2013

Miscellaneous - The Veef Show: Macross Podcasts

 The Veef Show

Macross Podcasts
Episode 03
Macross 7

Episode 07
Macross Frontier TV

Episode 30
Macross Gaming 

Episode 31 
Macross Frontier Movies

Episode 32 
Kawamori Interview Translation 

Episode 35 
Macross Zero 

Episode 38 
History of the Takatoku 1/55 VF-1 Valkryie 

Episode 43 
Macross Music in the 1980s 

Episode 46 
Macross Music in the 1990s 

Episode 47 
Macross Music in the 2000s 

Episode 51 
Retrospective on Yamato Toys

Episode 64
Macross 7 20th Anniversary 

Greatest Movie Ever PodCast
Veef as Guest Speaker
Macross Plus

The SpeakEasy Podcast Episode 29
Macross II


Episode 04
Battletech and MechWarrior

Episode 28
Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross 

Episode 37
Not So Infinite Stratos 
An in-depth critical look
at Harmony Gold,
its strang(l)e hold over
the international licence of the Japanese Macross franchise
and the disappointed, deeply nostalgic and persistent fans of Robotech
as understood by two well-informed anime fans

Episode 39

Episode 54
Super Dimension Century Orguss

Episode 57
Southern Cross and MOSPEADA  

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