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Miscellaneous - Macross Speaker Podcasts

Macrss Speaker Podcast

Episode 01
From the Distant Past of 2011!

Episode 02
Speaker Podcast Episode 2 is Back Up!

Episode 03
New Macross Podcast is Live!

Episode 04
Another Episode of Macross Speaker Podcast!

Episode 05
We Got Malted!
A / B
Episode 06
The Far Flung Past of September 2012! 
A / B

Episode 07
Bag of Orguss! 
A / B / C 

Episode 08
Egan Loo Speaks!
A / B

Episode 09
An Unexplored Hangar!
A / B

Episode 10
Macross Cross-Over Live 30!

Episode 11
The Hyogo Hammer!
A / B

Episode 12
Winter Wonderland!
A / B

Episode 13
This Is A Test Of The Emergency Broadcasting System!

Episode 14
 The VF-1D Is On The Boat!
A / B / C

Episode 15
Macross II Remastered!

Episode 16
Macross 30 SpoilerCast!

Episode 17
All That WF!

Episode 18
Macross World Chaos 2014!

Episode 19
2014 Macross Wrap-Up!

Episode 20
Valkyrie Masters!

Episode 21
Deculture Down Under!
A / B

Episode 22
Modelling Maestroes!

Episode 23
Tomo Sakurai's Pink Box!

Episode 24
We Don't Need No Landing Gear!

Episode 25
Talkin' Takani!

Episode 26
Richard Satelight and the Jaznicks!

Episode 27
An Open Letter From Mr. K.!

Episode 28
Release the Draken!

Episode 29
Mari Iijima Special
Triple Encore!
Episode 30
Delta Folds In!
Episode 31
Shoji Kawamori's 'The Henkei' !
A / B

Episode 32
Macross World Convention 2015!

Episode 33
 U.S Renditions Orguss Panel
MW Convention 2015

Episode 35
Macross Delta - It's Fun To Think About!

Episode 36
Macross Live Action Movie Treatment!

Episode 37
Winter Wonder Festival 2016

 Episode 38
Macross Delta - Your Way!

 Episode 39
Miyatake On A Boat!

GerTalk - Macross Delta Revue
(Episodes not listed
for MSP on this blog post)

Episode 41
Les Claypool - Anime Audio Innovator!

Episode 48
A Meeting of Jeniuses!

Episode 52
Fly A Kite; Have A Beer!

Episode 54
 Anecdotally Speaking!
MW Convention 2015

Episode 60
Anime Expo 2016!

Episode 70
Macross World Convention 2016!

Episode 71
2016 End Of Year Wrap Up Ramble!

 Episode 72
Walkure Attack Concert Report!

Episode 73
Macross Delta Scramble!

 Episode 74
Macross Won't Stop!

Episode 75
Mylene Party 03!

 Episode 76
Yamato 2202 Ch 1 Beginnings!

Episode 77
Adrian Is In The Mega(Zone)!

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More Information:
Macross Speaker Podcast forum post
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Desde 2011, los tipos de núcleo duro en Macross Macross Mundial han estado recibiendo reúnen para hablar públicamente y compartir sus ideas y experiencias acerca de la serie Macross, música, juegos, conciertos, juguetes, modelos, etc Estos podcasts tienen una gran cantidad de información y historias de Macross.
Gracias chicos! Mantenga venir!


Since 2011, the hard-core Macross guys at Macross World have been getting together to talk and publicly share their thoughts and experiences about the Macross series, music, games, concerts, toys, models, etc. These podcasts have a wealth of information and stories about Macross.
Thanks guys!  Keep them coming!

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