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Fan Edits - Macross & "Robotech" Fan Edit Wish List

Macross & "Robotech"
Fan Edit Wish List:

Aquí está mi gran lista de todos los fans editar Ideas Macross / Robotech que he pensado o alguien más ha hablado. Le invitamos a comenzar en cualquiera de estos proyectos. Por favor enviar un comentario aquí en el blog o en el Foro Mundial de Macross para compartir su progreso en su edición del ventilador, por lo que podemos ayudar si es necesario.

Here is my big list of all the Macross / Robotech fan edit ideas that I have thought of or some one else has talked about. You are welcome to start on any of these projects.  Please post a comment here on the blog or on the Macross World forum to share your progress on your fan edit, so we can help out if needed.

1. Fan Edits:

a. Macross 0:
i.  The Fokker Chronicles
Make Fokker as the main character of M Zero
using scenes from SDF TV and DYRL?

b. SDF TV:
i. Distantly Fading Memories Audio Drama
Misa dealing with her problems.

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

ii. Falling snow from the Milky Way Audio Drama
A SDF TV Xmas show!

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

iii. Inside story Audio Drama

Renato is working on doing partial animations of this Macross episode.
so it looks like a tv episode.

iv. Love Audio Drama
SDF TV abridged story
English translation needed.
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

v. MISS D.J. Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.
two music videos that Minmay mentions from MISS DJ

vi. SDF Macross TV Pilot Renewal / Revisited
* Jay Lew and Rodavan's VF1X CGI and
Mac666er SDF1 CGI composited into
the remastered SDF TV video.
* Eliminate as many animation errors as possible.
* Try to make the TV series more like
the DYRL? movie. 

c. DYRL?
i. Do You Remember Eternal Love? the OVA
Opening credits song: Eternal Love 2003 by Mari Iijima
Closing credits song: An Angel's Paints by Mari Iijima
1hr 50 minute movie turned into 4-6 part OVA.

ii. DYRL? Action Packed
I was watching DYRL with my brother and the only parts that
he liked had space battles and aliens. So, I could try shortening
SDF MML down to just the action parts of DYRL?

iii. DYRL? Japanese Subtitle Removal Project
by S-47 Berkut

iv. DYRL? Revisited
Frame by frame clean-up to reduce film dirt, scratches, hairs
or layered cel distortion
Fix animation mistakes.
Colour correction, if needed.
Add in scenes from FB 2012 + M7 OVA (Max & Milia
Wedding scene) + PSX DYRL cut scenes and
re-create zentradi sound jammer vs. hikaru scene
+ Another Century Episode + SDF TV + Macross Fever
Borrow S-47 Berkut's zentradi subtitle removal project
New opening and closing credits.

v. DYRL? 3D !

d. 7 TV

i. Docking Festival Audio Drama
Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

ii. Dynamite AMV
Full live version of the song with the
remastered M7 BD video.

iii. Galaxy Fun Net CD Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

iv. Galaxy Network Chart volume 0 Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

v. Galaxy Network EX (CT) Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

vi. Galaxy Song Battle 1,2,3 Audio Dramas

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

vii. Generation Audio Drama
Here is another Miss Macross contest with different characters.

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

viii. Macross Festival '95 Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

ix. Mellow Heart Beat Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

x.  Melodious Illusion Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

xi. The Assassination of the J-Rock Star Nekki Basara
by the vaguely menacing Protodeviln Audio Drama
* Longest Noise Day
part 1 of 2
* The Basara Elimination Project
part 2 of 2

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

xii. Trash album Audio Drama

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations.

e. Frontier
i Audio Drama 1,2,3,4
A retelling of Frontier with extended scenes

Pic-Sub: Still-frame character pictures on an
appropriate background with word
bubble translations. 

ii. Macross: F B 7 re-edit
The Macross 7 scenes were just thrown
in with Fire Bomber music with no actual
re-telling of the M7 TV series.
I guess you cannot just make an OVA like Flashback 2012

f. Macross AMV DVD
20 fan-made music videos
50-60 minute DVD
Macross SDF, M+, DYRL, Flashback, M7 and Frontier
DVD cover 

2. Extended Editions: 

i. SDF Macross: DYRL? 
Extended Edition Remastered
Sega Saturn/PSX DYRL + DYRL? + Flashback 2012

ii. Macross Plus:
a. Project Super Nova
OVA Extended Edition with movie scenes
 One version available!
b. The Alpha and The Omega :
Macross Plus Movie with extra mecha
scenes from the OVA

3. Preservations:

a. Macross 31th anniversary fan documentary DVD:
A Macross fans' perspective on the whole franchise so far.

b. Macross Karaoke DVDs
i.  Zero
ii. SDF TV
iii. DYRL?
iv. Plus
v. Macross 7
vi. Frontier and movies
vii. MII

c. Macross : Fever 
pachinko preservation DVD
putting together all the videos and pictures
that kresphy has posted into a nice dvd

d. Macross: Flashback series
(fan made music videos presented like Flashback 2012)
i. zero
ii. dyrl?
iii. m +
iv. m 7 = FB7 ?
v. m ii
vi. frontier
vii. frontier tfd
viii. frontier twof

e. Macross Interviews DVD
Putting together video and audio interviews
together and getting them subtitled.
i. Frontier TV Specials: Itano and Kawamori
ii. M+ DVD documentary interview
iii. M0 DVD cast interview,
iv. Animeigo SDF tv episode 35, 36: Ishiguro audio interview,
v. Ishiguro AWO audio interview,
vi. ADV Mari Iijima interview
vi. J-Pop Experience Mari Iijima interview
vii. Anime World Order: Ishigoru interview

f. Macross Laser Disc Preservations:
1. DYRL perfect edition
2. Flashback 2012
3. SDF TV Memorial boxset
4. Macross II
5. Macross Plus Movie
6. Macross 7 series
7. Macross Plus OVA

g. Macross: Mech Graffiti series
all the song clips and intros/ending from
each Macross series and OVA
i. Zero
ii. DYRL?
iii. M +
iv. M7 & OVAs
v. Frontier
vi. Frontier movies
vii. M II

h. Macross Music Concerts 
DVD/BD english subtitled
i. Electric Fire
ii. Frontier Final Galaxy Tour
iii. Frontier Cosmic Cyuune

i. Macross Toy Transformation Guide DVD series

An audio-visual reference for those who
need help transforming their Macross toys!
i. Macross: Zero
ii. SDF Macross TV
iii. SDF Macross DYRL?
iv. PSX Macross: VF-X 2
v. Macross: Plus
vi. Macross 7 TV
vii. Macross 7 OVA
viii. Macross Frontier TV
ix. Macross Frontier Movies 

4. Restorations: 
a. Macross 20th Anniversary
with English subtitles
Use remastered DVD video to update this DVD.

b. Macross: Mech Graffiti
Use BD video.

c. SDF Macross TV: Rebirth
A macross world member suggested the possibility
that all that Macross SDF tv needs is to identify
all the bad animation done by StarPro / Anime Friend
and the last minute video errors and then have
Macross fans redraw and paint good animation
to replace the bad animation.

d. SDF Macross: DYRL? Clash of the Bionoids Edition
Using the remastered DVD or BD video to match
the heavily edited VHS tape.

e. SDF Macross: DYRL? Perfect Edition
Using BD video and BD, DVD, LP audio

Latest DYRL BD on CDJapan!

f. SDF Macross DYRL? Theatrical Edition
(Project discontinued due to official BD theatrical release!)

Using BD or LD video with Theatrical DVD audio

Potential Japanese subtitles to be removed 
via up-scaled Swedish DYRL VHS!

g. Macross: Flashback 2012
Using BD or LD video from DYRL? movie 
and SDF TV series.

h. Macross Plus OVA 4
special Manga Entertainment English Dub edition
english subtitles by OptimusX
Remix the original japanese music
and sound effects back into the english audio.

i. Macross Plus Movie English Dub

j. Macross II: the OVA
DVD or LD captures to update the video
k. Codename: Robotech
1080p with English and Spanish audio

l. Robotech: The Movie
Using A&E Robotech DVD video plus
the Megazone 23 Part 1 DVD video
to get the best version of this unreleased movie.
English and Espanol stereo audio would be good, too.

m. DYRL TV Special
Youtube videos edited together and English subtitles added 
into .mkv file! 

 5. TV shows into movies:

a. Macross 0: All about the Shin
(without the confusing mystical ending)

b. SDF Macross: SDF the movie trilogy

1st Movie: episode 1-12
2nd Movie: episode 13-27
3rd Movie: episode 28-36
I would also like to see VF-4s in action for the last movie with
Talos' vf4 line art colouring, instead of the standard vf1x.
That would be cool!

c.  Macross 7 movie series 
with less Spiritia and repeated songs and re-used mecha scenes

d. Macross Frontier
* DHE Macross Frontier Premiere: Debran Deculture 

Hikuro made his own Frontier episode 1 english dub, so I could just add in a little bit more
once the DHE group have finished up to episode 3 or 4.

* Macross Frontier movie trilogy from the TV series

e. Macross II: Mardook Conquest
Take out Mosh, slow drama spots
and move around the mecha action.
With "Message from Ishtar" Radio Drama

6. Video game movies:

a. Dreamcast
M3: The Dancing Skulls Trio
Intro and Episode 1-8 with good and bad ending and 2 extra game play videos

b. LaserDisc
Macross SF Challenge ReMake

The original Macross SF Challenge LD is an "Adventure/Quiz」type Laser Disc game.
Utilizing the random access function of the video disc you must pick the correct answer
or chapter with the remote controller to make the game advance. The game features
6 different scenarios and 4 Laser Disc quality videos".

A Macross Trivia game that asks arcane Macross questions from the abridged stories
of the SDF TV series, DYRL and FB 2012, and maybe from the other Macross series, too.

Can Include interviews or fan music videos or interesting Macross facts

i. Macross Scrambled Valkyrie
full game walkthrough movie

ii. The DYRL video game trilogy
* Remember me
* Love Stories
* Skull leader

d. PC Engine
i. Macross 2036: The Neld Fleet Incident
with English subtitles
ii. Macross 2037: The Eternal Love Song
with English subtitles slideshow

e. PSX
i. Macross Plus Game Edition
ii. Macross VFX
iii. Macross VF-X-2: Flight of the Ravens Movie
* Intro, Episode 1-12, mission briefings 1-2

* TV Commercials & Trailer

f.  PS2
SDF Macross TV & DYRL?
* Part 1-12 TV
* Part 1-6 DYRL?
* Tv commercials and Trailers

g. PS3
Macross 30th: Voices that reach across the galaxy

h. Sega Saturn / PSX DYRL the movie
plus commercials and trailers

6. Filmumentaries:
(See Jamie Benning's blog)

i. SDF Macross: DYRL?

7. Motion Comics:
 Take comic adaptation scans and match
to the movie audio.
i. Macross: The First
ii. Macross 7: Trash
iii. Comico Macross Re-Edit to ADV Macross

8. Radio Plays:

Macross Audio Dramas 
i. English Dubbed adaptations of the original
Macross Drama LPs / CDs
ii. New fan made Macross with
alternate story lines and characters
iii. New fan made Macross with
original story lines and characters to fill in
the Macross franchise story gaps
a. the continuing story Macross II and its games


Fan Edit Ideas 
for other Movies or TV Series:

1. Fan Edits:

 a. Jack Kirby's 2001
use high resolution scans of the comic and edit
the 2001 in that order.

b. A Marx Brothers movie
i. "A Day and Two Nights or
After the opera, the Marx Brothers go to the races in Casablanca?"
Combine "at the races" with
"at the opera" and "in casablanca"
while reducing the extraneous silly songs.
ii.  see also TM2YC 's Marx Bros. Fan edits

c. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns OVA
Make the two part OVA into one movie.
This movie was actually done for retail release!

d. Bladerunner: The Gumshoe Narration version
There is a beta version available on torrent.
d.i. Soldier 
(Blade Runner Side-quel: Replicants in the Off-World Colonies)
 with Blade Runner OST

e. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1930s silent version)

f. Bruce Lee's Game of Death

g. Buck Rogers TV movie: movie serial edition

h. Charlie Brown:
i.. A Boy named Charlie Brown without the LSD
I liked the movie and the music, but not that last
part of the movie.
ii. A Charlie Brown Christmas extended edition
iii. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown animated movie
with the 1967, 1971, 1999 full musical soundtrack sync

i. Chronicle: Akira anime version
Use Akira soundtrack.

j. Chronicles of Narnia: BBC TV audio
with Narnia movie video

k. Clive Barker's Tortured Souls
ReCreating the novella with the
1 foot tall McFarlane toys

l. David Lynch's A Goofy Movie

m. Dick Tracy: 1930's movie serial version
see BionicBob's The Shadow Strikes fan edit

n. Flash Gordon 1980: 1930's movie serial edition

o. Frank Miller's Robocop
Using the comic book as a guide to edit
Robocop 2 & 3 with some of the Robocop
TV series into what was originally Robocop 2.

p. GITS: Laughing Man & Individual Eleven
both received mixed reviews.  I haven't watched them yet.

q. Heavy Metal -ized Movies:
Use the cartoon-r filter option to
change live action movies into animated versions.
i. Alien
ii. 5th Element
iii. Resident Evil
iv. Bladerunner
vi. Adventures of Baron Munchausen 

r. Hellraiser 1 and 2: Complete Damnation

s. John Carter: Warlord of Mars: 1930's movie serial version

t. Magnificent Ambersons: Book Cut

u. Naked Gun 1,2,3 turned into Police Squad TV episodes

v. Peter Pan: Ultimate
Combine Hook, Peter Pan and Neverland.

w. Pink Panther: Ultimatum
A fitting movie conclusion to the Peter Sellers

x. Star Wars:
i. Attack of the Clones IMAX cut Recreation
More information
In Progress!
ii. David Lynch's Return of the Jedi
Using David Lynch editing techniques to alter
ROTJ in something really strange.
iii. Mission to Ord Mantell
Use the audio play with video clip and pictures
from the movies and comics.
Part 01 02
iv.  NPR Star Wars Trilogy Audio Drama
v. Shadows of the Empire
Fan Film at Kickstarter
Re-create the comic or novel story into more like a movie
using the video game footage, pictures, posters,
soundtrack and star wars audio effects.
*** The kickstarter fund drive did not pan out!***
vi. Stranded among the Ewoks
Take the two live action Ewok movies with
the OST and make a more streamlined movie.
vii. The Lost Cut of Star Wars
Clean up the deleted scenes to include back
into Star Wars IV or V or VI
viii. The Star Wars Movie Serial:
Luke Skywalker Conquers the Universe
Use Flash Gordon music and audio fx to make into a 12
part serial like what was done with
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
ix. The way I remembered Star Wars
Taking Harmy's Despecialized 2.1 fan edit and
adding in Red Leader's comment on knowing
Luke's father in the Clone Wars.  Missing dialogue
from Red / Blue leader and Biggs confirmed
via the Art of SW full script book.  That wasn't
a false memory!
ix. Star Wars: The Marvel Motion Comic 
x. Star Wars: Rogue one Rescored
with alternate soundtrack
Alexandre Desplat had scheduling conflicts with
too much work and was replaced at the last
moment with Michael Giacchino.  
Would alternate tracks from Desplat discography
be able to replace current Rogue one OST?

y. Spawn: The Director's Cut Excised
Take out the narration and awkward moments.

z. Swamp Thing 1 & 2 Horror cut.
TV series could be added.

a.1. Tarzan the Ape Man: 1930's movie serial edition
Greystoke: Lord of the Apes conversion

b.1. The Black Hole:
i. LP story matched to DVD
ii. possible fan edit with Event Horizon,
since both movies seem to make the black
hole as a portal to hell or heaven.
iii. Motion Comic with Jack Kirby's artwork

c.1. The Dark Crystal: The Reverse Workprint
Using the workprint audio and the movie bluray
video to make a new movie.

d.1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Real Life version
Use the original HitchHiker's Guide radio series audio and match
to the TV, movie and comicbooks.

e.1. The Iron Giant
matched to the Pete Townshend musical soundtrack

f.1. The Lord of the Rings: 
i. The full animated movie
Using R.B.'s movie and the Return of the King
with a little of the Hobbit.
ii. BBC LOTR & Hobbit audio dramas
iii. Peter Jackson LOTR video
with Ralph Bakshi's LOTR audio
iv. Peter Jackson LOTR video
with Return of the King cartoon audio
v. Peter Jackson Hobbit video
with Hobbit cartoon audio
vi. LOTR with Led Zeppelin Soundtrack

g.1. The Phantom: 1930's movie serial edition

h.1. The Rocketeer: 1930's movie serial edition

i.1. The Shining: The book cut
Using mostly Stanley Kubrick's movie and some
of the TV series to make a more accurate movie version.

j.1. The Trojan War book cut using
Troy, Helen of Troy, The Odyssey and Ulysses

k.1. Thunderbirds: Rescued
Take the old tv series models and mesh
that with the new movie

l.1. Orson Welles War of the Worlds
radio play with movie footage

m.1. Dr. Phibes: Abomination
Movie 1 & 2 combined
Vincent Price Bluray Collection 1 & 2 includes Dr. Phibes! 

n.1. Shogun Warriors
Combination stop motion of Bandai Chogokin toys & motion
comics of the Marvel comic series!

o.1. Remixed by Jorge MIA Fan Edits:
a. Behemoth - Godzilla & Cloverfield
b. Jedi - Lost TV series style edited

2. Extended Editions: 

a. Dracula:
* 1930s B&W extended edition
using the Espanol version and the English version
and the sequel "Return of the Vampire" 1943
See original trilogy forum - Completed.

b. Godzilla : Destroyer of Worlds
Hybrid of English and Japanese 1954 movies
with possible additional bluray video from
other Godzilla blu-ray movies

c. Gunbuster: extended edition movie
in high definition

d. Dick and Jane (J. Carrey)

e. Harmageddon: Special Edition
Using Otomo anime footage from
Akira, Memories, NeoTokyo, etc.
and the Harmageddon TV series

f. Max Headroom 
Episode 01 and TV Pilot

g. This is Spinal Tap Extended Edition

h. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

i.  Wall-E
with extended scenes

j. The Transformers The Movie (1986)
Colour-corrected with restored deleted scenes!

k. Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis

l. Dangaioh OVA
   English Dub with extended Japanese scenes

m. Starship Troopers 1st movie

3. Restorations: 

a. Amadeus Theatrical movie

b. Lensman The Movie and TV series Restoration  
In Progress!

c.  Babylon 5 TV series Restoration
    In progress thanks to TM2YC!
    The B5 DVDs were cropped 4:3 to 16:9 widescreen for
    the DVDs, which cut out large parts of the special effects
    scenes.  The DVD transfer was based from PAL broadcast
    video instead of the original film and then the PAL video
    was conveted to NTSC!
    The best and complete version of the B5 TV series can
    be only found on the PAL VHS tapes or on Laserdisc!

d. Battle of the Planets TV HD Restoration
i. Using the recent Gatchaman TV BD set for most
of the video and the Battle of the Planets 
TV Region 4 PAL DVD set for up-scaled video and audio.
ii. Battle of the Planets movie BD is soon to be available!
The restoration just needs to have the original English dub
added back in.

e. Cowboy Bebop TV HD Restoration:
The BD series is the director's cut that has been edited.
Up-scaled 4:3 DVDs used to correct the 16:9 BDs!

f. Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure
Using the new Flash Gordon TV series DVD video
and the bootleg LD opening to make the best version.

g. Dumb & Dumber: The restored theatrical cut
**Available on  Look for invites to 
on the originaltrilogy forum thread.**
I really did not like the extra uncensored scenes on the
bluray.  Apparently, the bluray is also missing the  really
funny scene when Lloyd gets robbed by a little old lady.

h.  Star Trek movies 1 - 13 DNR Fiasco
For the bluray release,
Paramount de-grained these movies too much and
removed picture detail.  The HDTV broadcasts
of the Star Trek movies are much closer
to what the high resolution bluray are supposed to be.

i. Predator Restored
Current BDs are DNR'd too much.

j. Fantastic Four 
Extended Edition 1080p

k. Star Trek: The Motion Picture extended TV edition

l. The Transformers Original TV Series
The Rhino DVDs had much better video quality because
they used the 16mm original film masters along with
the broadcast sound, but the Rhino video
also has all of the original animation errors.

Scream Factory used the lower picture quality
broadcast video for their Transformer DVD set and
an updated audio track. Their DVD set has most of the animation errors
corrected while making the best use of the lower quality video
and the audio might have been updated as well.

A composite of both DVD sets taking the best features
of both would be nice to have.

An ideal Transformers TV blu-ray set would have the 16mm film masters
with all animation errors corrected with both sets of audio included.

l.1 The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye
with restored audio!

m.  Mobile Suit Gundam: Movie Trilogy

       Restored English Dub audio version.

n. Thunderbirds 2086 TV series English Dub
DVD Region 2 set is available for pre-order
on Amazon Japan!

o. THX-1138
Take the Bluray and mix back in the up-scaled DVD
or LD scenes.  Thank you, TM2YC!

p. Max Fleischer's Superman (1941)
Audio restored by davextreme.
Video still needs to be restored with a less than
stellar BD with a burnt in logo and up-scaled DVDs. 

q. X-Bomber / Star Fleet TV series
Discotek has released Star Fleet NTSC DVDs,
but there is room for improvement!

r. New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh TV Series
Remastered 4:3 aspect ratio without TV logos

s. The Adventures of Jonny Quest TOS
Credits and audio edits were done to the DVDs. 2000 - present
TV Versions were edited for commercials and political correctness.

t. Monty Python Holy Grail Theatrical HD
The MP HG 1080p is  only available as a director's cut.

u. Transformers TAS HD
I have all 3 seasons of the
awesome Shout Factory DVDs and HDTV rips with TV logos

v.  Buffy the Vampire TV series in HD
UNEDITED 4:3 or properly done 16:9 Version

Fox has really short-changed this TV series by
mis-applying colour-correction and automating the
4:3 to 16:9 conversion to show camera people in frame
or chop off essential picture elements.  Fans are
needed to restore this series properly.

w. Macron-1
Discotek is releasing Goshogun English Dub and Sub
in 2017! The Srungle anime series is available on
torrent in Japanese dub only.
Macron-1 episodes 1 - 20 with cover songs edited out
are available on youtube!

Requesting Macron-1 unedited English dub episode 1-26
 or English dub edited episode 21-26,

x. Neon Genesis Evangelion LD / Broadcast TV
HD Restoration!

y. X-Files Season 1 to 5 HD Restoration
Up-scaled 4:3 DVDs used to correct the 16:9 BDs!

z. Robotech: Deculture Edition
i. Macross Saga corrected with up-scaled Southern Cross DVDs
ii.  Up-scaled Southern Cross DVDs
iii. New Generation corrected with Mospeada BDs

Chillock has made his/her own 1080p version called
Robotech Remastered.
Episode 1-36 and 61-73 are available!

4. TV shows into movies:

a. Avengers: EMH animated movie

b. Babylon 5: TV series turned into movies

c. Batman: TAS

d. Captain Harlock:
i. the old anime series with
the Streamline English dub.
ii. Arcadia extended movie edition

e. Captain Power and the soldiers of the future movie

f. Carl Barks' Duck Tales
Take the Duck Tales episodes that have Carl Barks
stories in them and recombine 

g. Dungeons & Dragons: the animated movie

h. Cowboy Bebop: The movie of Spike Spiegel and Julia and Vicious

i. Evangelion: The original series turned into
3-4 animated movies

Evangelion: Concurrency
EVA Geeks forum information page

j. Exo-Squad 

k. FireFly movie series

l. Full Metal Panic the movie

m. Galaxy Rangers: Super Troopers movie
With add in scenes from the Saber Rider anime

n.  G.I. Joe Versus Transformers: animated movie

o. Giant Robo: OVA

p. Gundam
i. 0079: The novel cut movie series
ii. 08th MS team & OVA
iii. 0080
iv. Stardust 0083

q.  Gurren Lagann: The tv series turned into a movie
using mostly the tv series because the movies
used a lot of time compression which took
away from character development.

r. Otomo's Freedom animated movie

s. Lain: the animated movie

t. Inhumanoids: EarthQuaked!
Use TV series footage and Quake video game OSTs
to make a complete Inhumanoids movie.

u. Lost in Space: TOS movie
The first few Black & White episodes
were really good sci-fi.

v. Orguss TV series and OVA
i. TV / OVA turned into movie compilations
i. Robotech: The Centurions
using Orguss English dub, Robotech OSTs
and original Robotech sound FX

w. Planet-ES anime

x. Patlabor: Of Gods and Mecha
Combine 1st two movies with a little bit of the third.

y. Rahxephon

z. Reboot: season 1 & 2 into cartoon movies

a.1. Samurai Jack: The movie trilogy
This series ended far too soon
and it was supposed to lead into a feature film series.
Samurai Jack has a new TV series in production!

b.1. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

c.1. Spawn: The Animated Movie
Use the TV cartoon series and cut down to the basic horror story.

d.1. Starship Troopers
i. 1990s CGI cartoon series
ii. Japanese OVA

e.1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie series

f.1. Super-Slyph Yukikaze: Making Sense Movie version
I would have to read the novels to get a better
idea on how far off the OVA is.

g.1. The Bio O movie

h.1 The Guyver
old and new anime with OVA

i.1. The Maxx
* OCD movie
Focus only on the Maxx character and his direct
interactions with others on his journey to discover
who he is.
* The Maxximum Sound  Episode 3 & 4
The audio drama matched to the cartoon series.
The first two episodes are available on!

j.1. The real Ghostbusters movie

k.1. The Transformers
i. Dinobots!
ii. Skyfire episodes
iii. The Five Faces of Darkness movie sequel
iv. The Compiled Data Tracks
Alternate 2nd Season Episodes that form
3 multi-episode story arcs
The first story, based off Season 1 & pre-Dinobot Island Season 2
The second story, based off Post-Dinobot Island Season 2 all the way to B.O.T.
The third story, based off the Pre-movie episodes that take place on Cybertron

l1. Thundarr the Barbarian animated movie

m.1. Thundercats (2012)

n.1. Tron: Uprising

o.1. Twin Peaks: Agent Cooper Tapes
Use TV series footage to match the audio tape.

p.1. Wild Palms

q.1. X-Files mythology movie series
see "Exordium" fan edit

r.1. X-Men: TAS The Dark Phoenix Saga
Out of the Past Parts 1 and 2 (Prelude and setup)
The Pheonix Saga (5 episodes)
The Dark Pheonix Saga (4 Episodes)
(idea from originaltrilogy member)

5. Video game movies:

a. Bladerunner PC game

b. Cowboy Bebop: Serenade of Reminiscence
The song remains the same
Custom DVD of video game footage.
Sodekai group has already made this video with
English subtitles. The video is very low resolution.

b. Ghostbusters PS2

c. Grim Fandango

d. Gundam 0079: War for Earth

e. Half-life:
1 Black Mesa
Opposing Force
Blue Shift
Gunman Chronicles
Episode 1
Episode 2

f. Halo : The Movie

g. Mass Effect 3

h. MDK 2

i. Myst series:
2 Riven
3 Exile
4 Revelation
5 End of Ages
6 Uru: Ages beyond Myst

j. Outcast

k. Shogo: MAD

l. Silent Hill

m. Slave Zero

n. Starship Titanic 

o. Transformers:
i. War for Cybertron
ii. Fall of Cybertron

p. Tron 2.0 & Evolution
Play Space Paranoids Online!

q. X-Files PC game

r. Wing Commander:
 i.  3 Heart of the Tiger
ii.  4 Price of Freedom

6. Filmumentaries:
(See Jamie Benning's blog)


ii. Ghostbusters

iii. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

iv. Tim Burton's Batman

v. Alien

vi.  Conan the Barbarian

vii.  Big Trouble in Little China

vii. Halloween

viii. 2001

ix. Avatar

x. Abyss

xi. Terminator

xii. E.T. The Extra-Terrestial

xiii. King Kong

xiv.  Predator

xv. The Matrix

xvi.  The Nightmare on Elm Street

xvii.  Robocop

xviii. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

xix. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

xx.  Superman

xxi.  Poltergeist

xxii. The Thing

xxiii. Fight Club

xxiv. Back to the Future

xxv. Flash Gordon

xxvi. Jurassic Park

xxvii. Planet of the Apes

7. Motion Comics:
 Take comic adaptation scans and match
to the movie audio.

a. Raiders of the Lost Ark
b. Star War: ANH, EST, ROTJ
c. Star Trek: 1-6
d. 2001 & 2010
e. Krull
f. Close Encounters
g. Blade Runner
h. Superman
i. Battlestar Galactica
j. Alien
k. Nausicaa
l. The Maxx
m. The Crow
n. The Dark Crystal
o. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
p. Dune
q. Labyrinth
r. Lost in Space
s. Judge Dredd
t. Baron Munchausen
u. Last Starfighter
v. Willow
x. Batman 1989
y. Conan The Barbarian
z. Spawn
a.1. Transformers 1986
b.1. X-Men 2000
c.1. The Abyss
d.1. Men in Black
e.1. Rocketeer
f.1. Tron
g.1. Hulk 2003
h.1. Robocop 2 & 3
i.1. Spider-man 2002
j.1. Hellboy
k.1. Planet of the Apes (T. Burton)
l.1. Daredevil
m.1. Sleepy Hollow
n.1. The Black Hole by Jack Kirby
o.1. Clash of the Titans
p.1. Jurassic Park
q.1. Dragonslayer
r.1. Demolition Man
s.1. The Shadow
t.1. Constantine
u.1. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
v.1. Outland
w.1. The Mask
x.1. Godzilla (original)
y.1. Battle for the Planet of the Apes
z.1. Beneath the Planet of the Apes

8. Radio Plays:

i. Jack Kirby Comic Radio Plays
There are lots of Marvel stories by Jack Kirby
but mostly the Marvel stories are being created
for movies and animation.  I would like to see
or hear more of Jack Kirby's work represented via
radio plays like Big Finish productions  Doctor
Who series. 

ii. Robotech II: The Sentinels

iii. Macross: The First

8. PodCasts:

i. Robotech II: The Sentinels novels and comics Analysis
ii. Micronauts: The Original Marvel Comics
iii. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio/TV/Movie
iv. Carl Barks Comics Revue
v. Don Rosa Comics Revue
vi. Nietzsche
vii. Macross Monthly News
viii. Cowboy Bebop
ix. Gatchaman
x. Ghost in the Shell
xi. Starship Troops CGI TV, etc
xii. Dungeons & Dragons TV cartoon
xiii. Starcom
xiv. Wing Commander TV cartoon, games, etc.
xv. Robotech: The McKinney Novels Chapter by Chapter
xvi. Evangelion: You Can/Not ReRead
The Manga Adapatation
xvii. Samurai Jack
xviii. Inhumanoids
xix. Super Dimension Century Orguss
xx. The Dark Tower books, comics, movie, etc.
xxi. Jack Kirby's Fourth World Saga and its
ongoing story and influences
xxii. Stargate-1 and its spin-offs
xxiii. X-men TV cartoon etc.
xxiv. Ulysses 31
xxv. Gurren Lagann!
xxvi. Thunderbirds The Original TV series
xxvii. The Marx Bros. Legacy
xxviii. Monty Python TV and movies, etc.
xxix. Exo-Squad TV cartoon, game, etc.
xxv. Thundarr the Barbarian
xxvi. Justice League: Unlimited
xxvii. Spawn: HBO cartoon
xxviii. The Maxx: MTV cartoon and comics
xxix Macross Minute: DYRL one minute at a time!
xxx. Captain Harlock TV and manga universe
xxxi. Thundercats old and new TV cartoons and comics
xxxii. Macross The First manga study

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