Saturday, February 23, 2013

Streaming Video Music - OST - Robotech: Battecry


Produced, Performed and Adapted By:
Barry Fasman & John O'Kennedy
Harmony Gold & TD Interactive (2002)

Track 01
Robotech Main Theme BattleCry Version
Inspired by Alien Attack:
Track 02
Track 03
Force of Arms
Track 04
Bursting Point
Inspired by Force of Arms:
Track 05
Dark Skies
Track 06
Destroids in Danger
Track 07
Booby Trap
Inspired by Roy Fokker's Theme:
Track 08
Ambush Hills
Track 09
Rebel Revenge
Track 10
Call to Arms
Inspired by Rick Hunter's Theme:
Track 11
Hostage Crisis
Track 12
Trial by Fire
Track 13
Daring Rescue
Inspired by SDF-1 Theme:
Track 14
Track 15
War Path
Track 16
Lightning Strike
Inspired by Zentraedi Theme:
Track 17
Track 18
Welcome to Zen City
Track 19
Thanks to cr1s2412 !

Robotech: Battle Cry OST
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