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News - Macrosshare Materials Request List

Aquí está la lista de Macross / Robotech material relacionado que no se ha compartido o publicado en este blog. Si usted tiene estos elementos y desea compartir, puede ponerse en contacto conmigo a través del foro Mundial de Macross.

Si usted tiene cualquier petición que podrían añadirse a esta lista Macross / Robotech entonces usted puede agregar su petición en la sección de comentarios de este post.

Here is a list of Macross / Robotech related material that has not been shared or posted on this blog.  If you have these items and would like to share, then you can contact me through the Macross World forum.
If you have any requests that could be added to this Macross / Robotech list then you can add your request in the comments section of this post.

Thank you!
A. Macross video :

1. Macross Fan Edits:     
    A. Fan Edits of Macross and "Robotech" videos
    B. Original Cel or CGI or Stop Motion Animation
    C. Macross and "Robotech" Anime Music Videos (AMV)
    D. Macross and "Robotech" Live Fan Films

2. PS3 Macross 30 Bonus UMD Videos
       i. Cutscenes
      ii. History & Interviews
     iii. Music Clips

3. PSP Macross Triangle Frontier UMD Videos:
       i. "Macross Keep: Back to Basics triangle border of empty bag." (60 minutes)
    ii. "Super Dimension Theatre" (90 minutes)
   iii. Et cetera

4. Macross Video Game Walk-through Videos
    in High Resolution:

     Some of these videos are available on youtube,
    but not all are complete or in the best quality.

      A. VFX
    B. VFX2
    C. Macross M3
    D. Macross 2036
    E. Macross 2037: Eternal Love Song
    F. Sega / PSX DYRL
    G. PS2 Macross
    H. Macross: The NEC PC Video Game Trilogy
        (Continuation of DYRL)
         i. Remember me
        ii. Love Stories
       iii. Skull leader
    I.  Macross: Plus Game Edition

5. Macross Plus: 4 CAV Laserdisc
    International version
    (English Audio, Hard Encoded Japanese Subtitles)

      Considering how difficult this LD is to acquire and that
    the Japanese subtitles are painted on, I am not spending
    any more time to find this LD.

6. Macross Plus OVA LD
    English/Japanese Audio
    Manga Entertainment

      A. OVA 1 LD
        LD 80063
    B. OVA 2 LD
        LD 80064
    C. OVA 3 LD
        LD 80065
    D. OVA 4 LD
        LD 80066

8. Macross Frontier TV Special
    TheSukachan - 創ったヒト 河森正治
    (4 parts posted on Youtube, Missing part 1)

9. Macross Toy / Model Reviews

10. Robotech IV: Khyron's Counterattack
     Fan dub parody by  Seishun Shitemasu
11. Macross / Robotech Interviews
      and Anime Reviews

        i. Haruhiko Mikimoto Interview by Japanator

B. Macross Audio / Radio Dramas:

1. All Macross 7 Special Radio Show
   (tape cassette)

   Radio special
   Guests: Nobutoshi Hayashi, Yoshiki Fukuyawa
   Radio Broadcast
   Radio Nippon (1422): 1999 March 12, 24:00-25:00
   Radio Osaka (1314): 1999 March 13, 23:00-24:00
   KBC Radio (1413): 1999 March 14, 22:00-22:30

2. ANIMEX Standard 2 "Macross Song Collection"
    / CORZ October 31, 1997-13 / data hybrid CD-ROM/MIDI / 3,500 - (tax)

    The contents included:
      1. Macross (Macross)
      2. Love is flowing (Macross)
      3. SAYONARA tenderness (Macross)
      4. Runner (Macross)
      5. Do You Remember Love - Long Version -
         6. Angel's Paints
      7. That's as quiet as 720 million years ago
      8. deja vu ~ (Super Dimension Fortress Macross II)
      9. He was my pilot (Macross)

3. EMOTION 20th Anniversary Theme Collection - TV Special Edition
    YEAR: 2002

    This misc cd contains 14 tracks and runs 21min 49sec.

4. EMOTION 20th Anniversary Theme collection - TV version [regular edition]
   Catalog No. VICL-60936
   Number of discs 2
   Label/Distributor Victor Entertainment

5. FB7 : Sheryl Nome Radio

6. BGM Maniac Library 2 - Macross: Ai Oboeteimasuka
    Formato: Long Play (LP)
    No. Serie: JBX-7002
    Compañía: Victor Musical Industries Inc.
    Fecha de Salida: 21 de Abril de 1986
    Precio: ¥ 1,200
    Formato: Cassette
    No. Serie: VSK-20002
    Compañía: Victor Musical Industries Inc.
    Fecha de Salida: 21 de Abril de 1986
    Precio: ¥ 1,200

     (On hand!)

7. Missing Macross OSTs

8. Missing Macross related artists OSTs

9. Macross: Remember Me, Skull Leader and Love Stories
    have unreleased VGM, but I cannot decode the computer files into WAV files. 
   Can anybody help out?
     a. Remember Me OST:
     b. Skull Leader OST:
     c. Love Stories: 

10. Unreleased Macross Frontier TV BGM
     from the Frontier TV DVD/BD audio 
     (Analysis by westfall)
     Using Izotope RX8 or Sony Spectral Layers Pro, the BGM may be extracted   from the SFX and voice acting.

Partial Selection of Unreleased Frontier BGM

C. Macross Books:

SDF Macross TV

1. Animex #22 Macross Characters

2. Animex #23 Macross Mechanic

3. Arii Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fans Volume Zero

4Macross: The First
by H. Mikimoto manga

Now available online and in the original Japanese
through the Comic Walker website

Macross The First Volume 06

5. SDF Macross TV 1/2400 SDF-1 paper model book 

Macross 7

6.  Macross Furoku Art books:

a. Anime V February 25, 1998 :
Macross 7: English Anticipation manga

7. Macross 7 : Color Sketchbook A

8. Dengeki Material Collection: Macross 7

Macross Frontier

9. Macross Frontier Ranka Lee Official book

10. Macross Frontier Visual Collection Sheryl Nome 1

11. Macross Frontier Visual Collection Sheryl Nome  2

12. Macross Frontier Blue Sketchbook

13. Macross Frontier Red Sketchbook
14. Macross F Key Animation Collection book

15. Official complete Book Macross F The Movie: - The False Diva

16. Macross Frontier ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ Guide Roman Album 

17. Official complete book Macross F The Movie: - Sayonara no Tsubasa

18. Macross F: Wings of Goodbye Settings Material Book

19. Macross Frontier Manga 1st series #7 to last issue, 2nd series
Volume 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05
All 5 volumes in 1 book

20. Macross Frontier: Secret Visions manga

21. Macross Frontier: SMS Story manga

22. Macross Frontier: Hold Me Tightly to the Edge of the Galaxy manga

23Macross Frontier: The Super Dimension Song Maiden Ranka manga

24.  Macross F Official Creator's Magazine Nyan-cretto # 01-03

Macross Delta

25. Macross Delta: Knights of Windmere manga

26. Macross E manga

27. Macross Delta series manga 
     Macross Delta Side Story
     Macross Delta Anthology
     Macross Delta Special

28. Macross Delta series novelization  

Macross Games

29.  Dreamcast Game magazines 
       for MACROSS M3 information
       Japanese version

          a. volume 05 February 23, 2001
       b. volume 06 March 2, 2001
       I am not sure if these two Dreamcast
       magazines do have Macross M3 articles.    

30. Macross VF-X : Complete File booklet

31. Macross 30th Complete Visual Guide

Macross Miscellaneous

32. Macross 30th: The Macross Art Exhibition

33. Macross Chronicle:
        2nd Series Version

34. Macross Plus Tac Name manga
      Issue 01
      Issue 02

35. Macross: 7th Chord manga by Akira Kano

36. Macross: Zentora Zakari manga by Hayato Aoki

37: Macross: FF manga

38. Shoji Kawamori : Vision Creator's Point of View

39.  Master File:
       a. Variable Fighter Episodes Archive Vol.1

Macross Music Scores

40. Macross All Song Book

41. Macross 7 Band Score Fire Bomber Best Score sheet music

42. A. Macross Frontier TV Best Score Band book
     B. Macross Frontier TV Score book

43. Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye Score book

44. Macross Frontier: A False Diva Score book

45. Macross: FB7 Sound Score Book

Hidetaka Tenjin

46. Works: The Art of Hidetaka Tenjin

47. Valkyries: Third Sortie by Hidetaka Tenjin


48. MOSPEADA: Complete Art Works 

49. Battletech: Annual comic (Eternity)

50. Art of Robotech: Shadow Chronicles

51. Protoculture Addicts: 2, 4, 27, 50, 94 Fan Magazine
(27 is not available as an ebook) 

52. Yoshiyuki Takani 2015 Model Art Book 

D. Macross games:

1. Macross : VF-X 2 Special Version

     Game Review by Graham of Macross World

     Sony PlayStation compatible CD-ROM game
   3-D shooting game
   Single-player game
   Includes 1 CD
   Includes 4 postcards
   Includes options originally developed for United States/Canada version
30-frames-per-second display rate, Battroid-modelled GERWALK controls, Forward View option, English operator voice)
Featuring player choice of VF-5000B only
Includes Survival (unlimited time), Score Attack (unlimited enemies, limited time), and [Itano] Circus (missile-targeting with gunpod only) training modes
Developer: UNiT Inc.
Distributor: Tokyo Snack Foods Corporation/Bandai Visual (Emotion)
Release date:2000 February

2. Miss Macross (1983)
   NEC PC-8801 ROM file
   Puzzle Game

   If you have this game or know where to find
   this game ROM then post in this blog post comments section. Thanks!

3. Macross : Incoming The Tower Game
    Does someone have a copy of this game?

4. Macross : Unity3D Game
    by SeminNV of MacrossWorld

     More Information:
    RobotechX forum post
    Does someone have a copy of this game?

5. The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Skull Leader Complete Pack
    NEC PC-9801 compatible
    Simulation game
    Includes 1 compact disc
    1995 July 7

6. Robotech: Genesis Pits RPG

7. Robotech : In the Shadows
    Windows 95
    Image Systems Engineering

8. Robotech: Marines RPG

9. Robotech : Masters Assault
    Flash strategy game by
    Does someone have a copy of this game?

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