Sunday, January 27, 2013

Streaming Video Game WalkThroughs - PC - Macross: Valkyrie OverDrive (VO)

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Titulo/Tittle: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross VO-XP 
Category: Streaming Video Game Walkthroughs 
Plataform: PC Windows 
Genre: Simulation 
Release date: 2002 July 4 
Idioma/Lenguage: Japanese 
Developer: Bothtec

Simulador de vuelo con misiones singleplayer y multiplayer, sigue muy bien el estilo de aviones y transformaciones a Gerwalk y Fighters. Los Varitech estan muy bien hechos y aunque no esta traducido, se puede disfrutar de la accion y batallas realmente espectaculares.

Valkyrie flight simulator for singleplayer and multiplayer missions. It has as very cool style of transforming into the 3 Valkyrie modes: fighter, GERWALK and battroid. The Valkyries / Veritechs are very well made and even though it is only in available in Japanese, you can enjoy the action and truly spectacular battles.

You can find a lot of helpful game play hints when you have torimeSS 's blog translated with google translate.


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