Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fan Edits - Robotech: The Masters

The Movie
Titulo/Title: Robotech: The Masters 
Category: Fan Edits 
Franchise: Robotech 
Fanedit Type: FanMix 
Editors: tgorospe 
Release Date February 13/2013 
Developer: Tatsunoku, Harmony Gold 
Format: AVI 
Video quality: 480p 
Audio quality:  English, Mono 
Original Running Time (Min): 575 
Fanedit Running Time (Min): 75 
Time Cut (Min): 500
El Editor de Fan, tgorospe1, ha editado el Robotech: Serie Cruz del Sur en una película de 2 horas!

Sugerencias y comentarios son bienvenidos en el foro Fan Edit.org.


The Fan Editor, tgorospe1, has edited the Robotech: Southern Cross series into a 2 hour movie!

Feedback and reviews are welcome on the Fan Edit.org forum

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