Monday, January 7, 2013

Streaming Video Fan Edits - Macross AMV

 Macross - Cover
Song by Y. Fukuyama
edited by

 All That VF 
Macross Zero + Frontier
Burning Fire
Song by Fire Bomber - Re.Fire album
edited by
Howard Chu

Macross Fire Bomber 7 AMV
Tetsugeki Love Heart & Virgin Story
FB7 mini album
edited by

Macross Zero

Song by MOVE
edited by
wywoodjadoth and yimyan

Can You Trip Like I Do?
Song by Filter and The Crystal Method
edited by

SDF Macross

Animetal Macross TV OP
This Japanimetal Marathon Album 1988
edited by

One Day More
from Les Miserables Musical
edited by
Anthony Bennet and Rick Ramey

Macross 2009 TV OP
Music from Space: 1999 TV Series
edited by

 Minmay Attacks
edited by
Renato Rivera & Torkel Hansson

Macross: Digital Love
edited by
Maboroshi Studios

Macross: Love Fool
Love Fool by the Cardigans
edited by

Macross: One and One
One and One by Robert Miles
featuring Maria Nyler


Eternal Love
Song by Mari Iijima - PC Game Music "Galaxy Angel"
edited by

The Song of an Angel's Paints
edited by

Macross Plus

Information High
Song by Yoko Kanno
edited by
Maboroshi Studio

Macross Frontier
edited by

Taking Over Me
Song by Evanescene - Fallen album

Bye, Bye Beautiful
Song by NightWish - Dark Passion Play album

The Escapist
Song by NightWish - Dark Passion Play album

 Ash like Snow
Song by The Brilliant Green - Single
(Currently missing on the internet.
If you can find and watch it,
then you know why I highly recommend
this particular fan editor.)

Estas son algunas de mis favoritas Macross editores AMV de youtube. Si usted tiene algunos AMVs Macross favorito, entonces usted puede enviar un enlace web en la sección de comentarios de esta entrada del blog.


Here are some my favorite Macross AMV editors from youtube.  If you have some favorite Macross AMVs, then you can post a weblink in the comments section of this blog post. 

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