Friday, December 21, 2012

Streaming Video Fan Edits - SDF Macross DYRL? 30th Anniversary Edtion with DHE English Dub

 SDF Macross: DYRL?
30th Anniversary Edition
English Dub
Dark Heroes Entertainment
****DHE Macross Fan dubs are no longer available
due to a potential copyright lawsuit.**** 
More Information:
The SDF Macross: DYRL?
Wikipedia / ANN / IMDB  

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross:
Do You Remember Love? Perfect Edition (Subtitles) 
Category: Streaming Video Fan Edits
Fan Edit release date: September 3, 2012
Fan Editor: Dark Heroes Entertainment
Fan Edit Type: Fan Dub
Fan Edit Running Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Director: Noboru Ishiguro
Studio: Studio Nue, Artland,
and Tatsunoko Productions 
Producers: Big West and Toho 
Released By: Bandai Visual (Emotion) 
Video: 1080p DVD-Rip 
Audio:  English, Stereo 


 En septiembre de 2012, la Dark Heroes Entertainment lanzado la versión final de su proyecto de doblaje de audio para el Macross: DRYL? Bluray en Youtube.  
Eso está muy bien!


In September 2012, Dark Heroes Entertainment released the final version of their audio
dub project for the Macross: DRYL? bluray onto Youtube.
Good stuff!

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Official Macross DYRL? Bluray Trailer
SDF Macross DYRL Bluray Set
Bandai, Big West, Studio Nue
Region Free; No subtitles; Japanese Stereo and 5.1 audio
available for sale at

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