Friday, September 7, 2007

Comics - Worlds of Robotech

Titulo/Tittle: Worlds of Robotech
Category: Comics
Año/Year: 1994-1996
Editorial: Academy Comics
Lenguage: English
Format: CBR
Size: 200mb
Volumes: #1- #6 + Collection

Seis historias diferentes ubicadas en la linea de los Sentinelas, todas tratan de invasiones Invid en diferentes planetas del sistemas Solar Tirol, con personajes completamene nuevos.

These six one-shot issues all take place on different planets in the Tirol star system during the Sentinels storyline.  These original tales tell of new characters on each of the respective planets that the Invid had invaded. The first four of these six issues were put into one graphic novel that was released in 1995.


Worlds of Robotech
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