Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Books - This is Animation 11 : The SDF-1 Macross DYRL

Titulo/Tittle: This is Animation 11: The Super Dimension Fortress 1
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
Category: Books 
Produced by: Shogakukan 
Year: 1984 
Pages: 144 
Language: Japanese

Publicado en 1984, el mismo año en que fue estrenada en Japon la pelicula Macross: Do you Remember Love, este libro de coleccion muy dificil de encontrar contiene imagenes y material suplementario unico, la primera parte contiene variadas fotos de la pelicula y despues bosquejos de personajes y mechas, muy recomendable.

Published in 1984 to coincide with the release of the much-revered Super Dimension Fortress Macross feature film, this highly collectable book contains a wealth of rare art and supplemental material that will satisfy even the most ardent Macross fan.



Anonymous said...

Excelente material, es tan bueno que me suena las canciones en mi mente cuando veo las ilustraciones. Gracias

Endo said...

No tenía idea de la existencia de estos Libros, excelente aporte.

Anonymous said...

que pasó con las páginas de la 02-08?? y con las 113-144???
Venían en el compilado o no los has encontrado???

Espero que me contestes.

Macrosshare said...

Venian en el compilado que encontre. Saludos

Chas said...

Hey these are my scans! Wow! this is so cool! I'm glad to see that they are stil alive and well on the net. I belive the Flashback 2012 Graffitti scans must be mine as well. about the missing pages - you see I scanned these for some friends on a noe defunked messageboard SamuraiMonkey.com and i took a poll to find out if they wanter all the apanese text from the 'Iterviews'section and the answer was no - so I never scanned them the missing pages are only paga after page of Japanese text. Oh and sorry for the brown stains on these scans I believe that they are from when it got crammed in my schoolbag with a smushed banana during a trip to school this book took with me once a very long time ago. Anyway as I said it is nice to see my scans still being enoyed be people.